Chicken Biriyani


Ingredients: –    

  1. Dehradun Rice                   

2. Chicken Meat        

3. Potato                      

4. OnionGarlic                                     








 Powder milk        

Liquid milk     




Dried Chilli                           

.aloo BukharaKhoa kheer                         

. Soyabin oil                        

Mustard oil                         



I have not bought the masala for biriyani. I have made the masala by my self with the ingredients.

  1.  I have mixed the jaiphal, javitri, jaffran, elaichi , clove(lavanga),Darchini, Dried Chilli and heated in tawa pan and then mixed in Mixer and Grinder.
  2. Then mixed milk and powdered milk and saffron.
  3. Boil the potatoes and mixed haldi ,salt and fried and keep aside.
  4. Then marinet  the meat with onion, ginger ,yogurt ,lime  , haldi and mustard oil according to your quantity.
  5. Then cook the meat well.
  6. Before taking off the oven, scatter the mixture of masala over the meat.
  7. Then make the rice with Dheradun Rice.
  8. While cooking the rice mixed the elaichi, clove(lavanga),Tejpatta. So that You will get a nice smell  in rice.
  9. Mixed the salt also.
  10. So that the salt get into the rice well.
  11. Take off the water from the rice.
  12. Then Take a big container and keep it on oven and put ghee and oil.
  13. Then when it will be enough heated, put tejpatta, darchini, lavanga, elaichi,phoron.
  14. Then create a layer of rice and put meat and potato.
  15. Then put masala (that has been already created) over the layer of rice.
  16. Mixed Meetha Attar according to quantity.
  17. And mixed the saffron that has been already kept in milk
  18. And also put the khoa kheer and alu bhokhra over the rice.
  19. Like this way create the mixture layer wise.according to quantity and create the same layer again
  20. Keep the container tight.
  21. Like this way when all the steam will be release, then your biriyani will be ready.